12 Things To Do In Lansing During Winter

Michigan is known for everything from its diverse landscape to its friendly residents. Lansing, the state capital, is no exception to this rule of thumb. In fact, Lansing combines the best of both worlds, offering a small-town vibe with all the comforts of an urban environment.

The weather in Michigan is generally pleasant throughout the year, but if you’re coming from a warmer region, you’ll need to plan ahead for the winter. Lansing receives 46 inches of snow on average each year, with an average low temperature of 16 degrees in January. Despite the fact that Michigan winters are long and cold, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy during the season.

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When winter comes, Michigan is notorious for its heavy snowfall and frigid weather. That does not, however, prevent individuals from going out and having a good time. In fact, no matter what time of year it is, there are plenty of activities to do in Michigan.

Here are the top suggestions for things to do in Lansing Michigan this winter if you’re seeking ways to remain active during the harsh winter months:

Snowshoeing and Cross-country Skiing

While both snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are essentially hiking, snowshoeing is more like traditional hiking, with specialized equipment tied to the feet to help distribute weight more evenly and make walking on top of the snow easier. Cross-country skiing, on the other hand, employs a similar concept, albeit with skis.

Fitzgerald Park

There’s lots to view while gliding on the snow or trudging your way around Fitzgerald Park, which has miles of pathways to explore. There are also some chances accessible in the evenings and at night. A limited number of cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals are available.

Burchfield Park

With cross-country ski rentals and various two-track ski paths, you can enjoy the winter weather while gliding through the woods! In Burchfield Park you can also go ice skating on one of the area’s only ski-skate routes, which offers a faster-paced trail experience!


Sledding, also known as sleighing, is a winter activity in which participants ride in a prone or seated posture on a vehicle known as a sled or sleigh. This is also one of the popular winter activities in Lansing.

Hawk Island Snow Park

Hawk Island Snow Park is a great winter fun for the whole family! Riders will zoom down one of many exhilarating 16-foot wide carved snow lanes as they plummet 50-60 feet over a 500-600-foot circuit designed particularly for snow tubing. Riders are transported to the top of the hill through a magic carpet uphill conveyor lift. To lengthen the duration that the snow tubing slope can be used, snow generating machines are used. Please keep in mind that, while there is no minimum age, all riders must be able to exit the snow tubes on their own once they reach the bottom of the slope.

Running or Walking

Another great way to enjoy the winter is by simply walking or running. This is a good exercise and activity to do with family or friends.

Lansing River Trail

Featuring some of Greater Lansing’s best views, the River Trail is a seemingly endless stretch of boardwalk, paved, and the woodland trail that runs from north Lansing to East Lansing and MSU.

Northern Tier Trail

In East Lansing, there are about 5 miles of running/walking pathways. You’ll have the option to tour several of East Lansing’s connected parks, as well as their recreation facilities, while on the route. More information about trailheads and parking can be found on the City of East Lansing’s website.

Nature Walks

What a way to appreciate the beauty of nature. By simply taking short nature walks, allows you to appreciate and enjoy how rich our nature is. 

Harris Nature Center

Harris Nature Center is located on the banks of the Red Cedar River, has nearly five miles of trails. Note that dog sledding is not a common occurrence.

Woldumar Nature Center 

Around five miles of hiking and cross-country skiing routes will transport you to the far north! Sleigh rides are not a common occurrence in Woldumar Nature Center

Fenner Nature Center

Self-guided nature trails through woodlands, fields, and around ponds are available at Fenner Nature Center. A tourist center with exhibitions, a gift shop, and a natural history library are all available.

One thing is certain: Michigan residents do not believe in hibernating during the winter. Even if the ground is covered in snow and the weather is below zero, there is much to do in and around Lansing during the winter, from seasonal festivities to community activities, outdoor sports, and more.

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