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Are you looking for tree services in Lansing, Michigan? You can reach us whether you live in East Lansing or the greater Lansing area! When it comes to removal of trees, there is a lot that goes into it, whether you’re doing it for aesthetic reasons or an emergency. You deserve a tree service company that does the job correctly the first time, saving you and our time. We are the leading tree care specialists. We know how to remove those trees properly and safely, without harming the surrounding trees and keeping your yard looking beautiful.

Premier Lansing Tree Service

We strive to be the best Lansing tree service and tree care industry in the area. Our entire team is trained and certified, and we are always on the lookout for new practices. We make certain that customers are always put first and that they are satisfied. That is our primary goal: to make you happy. We understand how hard you work for your home or business, which is why we work hard for you to make your trees and property look amazing and increase in value. We have an exceptional work ethic and extensive experience with professional tree service.

Why Call Us for Tree Service Lansing?

We have lived in the Greater Lansing area for many years and specialize in tree removal and other tree services. Why should you work with us for tree service in Lansing?

Quality Service

We value our customers the most and always do our best to put your needs ahead of our own and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work that is being done. If you are not, we will do everything possible to ensure that you are and have the best tree service. Our entire crew has prior experience with professional tree cutting and removal. We take our responsibilities very seriously to provide quality, safe tree cutting, and removal. 


There is no reason to overpay to have your trees removed or trimmed. That is why we always make sure to provide you with a fair and affordable quote based on the job at hand.  Customers can get free estimates from us for whatever service or tree care. We will not underbid for the sake of underbidding, and we will always quote fairly based on the work required to complete the job properly and safely. Rest assured that we have built our reputation on providing low-cost tree service and tree care.

We Value You

We value our customers the most and always do our best to put your needs ahead of our own and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work that is being done. If you are not, we will do everything possible to ensure that you are. We start projects on time and finish them on time. We don’t take our time when it comes to removing trees, and we’re not here to waste yours. We take pride in being Tree Removal Experts who are very proficient in our service; we want to impress you with how quickly the work is completed.

Our Lansing Tree Services

As highly trained, certified arborists, we strive to restore trees to their healthy state whenever possible. We also understand when a tree is beyond saving and how to safely remove it from your property. Our customers know they can rely on us no matter how complicated the situation is. Some of our top-of-the-line services are listed below:

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services Lansing

We know how to properly treat trees to make sure that with the proper tree trimming or pruning they keep growing healthier and get more fruits or grow with better structure. Having your trees trimmed is very smart and can save you big if a storm comes because one of those loose branches can cost a lot of damage to your car or home. We have the proper equipment and trained arborists who know exactly how to trim those trees. On average the cost of tree trimming in Lansing is around $ 170 to $ 1,127 depending on a lot of factors like the size of the tree and the number of shrubs that need to be trimmed. It all depends on the amount of work so these prices vary. 

Tree Removal Lansing

Tree removal in Lansing Michigan

Tree removal can present a danger if not handled by a professional who has the right equipment and puts the right safety processes in place for when the tree is chopped down. Our professional arborists are always well equipped and trained to remove those trees. You can trust Nature Tree Service to get your tree removal job done well and done right. The average tree removal cost in Lansing Mi would range anywhere from $170-$975 it all depends on the work that has to be done to the home and the size of the tree. That’s why we provide free estimates of the work so you can get an accurate price of what it would cost to get the job done.

Stump Removal 

Stump Removal Lansing

Stumps can look very unattractive in your front and backyard and can actually be infected with fungi that can actually transfer to all the nearby trees in your yard and infect them as well. If you ever noticed how it can provide a safety hazard as well for small children and adults who don’t look down they can trip and hurt themselves. It’s important to call a company that has the right equipment for a stump removal job as it is a tedious job. The national average for stump removal in Lansing ranges from around $88 – $155 that’s the average. It all depends on the amount of work that has to be done for the stump to be removed.

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

We take tree emergencies very seriously as they can present a real hazard to your home or others. We work year-round and when you call us we will try to work as fast as we can to go your way and assist you. We have dropped everything we are doing to go help when it’s a matter of emergency.

We Provide Free Estimate

We try to provide one of the best customer experiences in Michigan and solve all of our customers’ tree problems. Don’t hesitate to call us. Check out our other locations to see if we serve a city near you. We always try to stop by and give a free estimate to our customers so they know what they expect to pay and we will help you along the way if you ever need assistance.

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Lansing is an excellent location for outdoor activities. Throughout the city, there are numerous parks and nature trails with breathtaking views. We strive to be an important part of maintaining the beauty of this town’s landscape. For many years, our tree removal company has served Lansing and the surrounding East Lansing communities. We offer tree trimming, pruning, shaping, planting, transplanting, cabling, and bracing services. In addition, our arborists trim shrubs and treat trees for disease and pests. When required, our team can also perform tree removal, root removal, and stump removal.

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