Lansing Stump Removal

Stump GrindingDo you have one or more unsightly stumps on your property? Whether they were left there by a previous owner or you never got around to finishing clearing the lot? You’re left with tree stumps that are taking up valuable yard space and even making your yard unsafe. Removing a tree is more than just cutting the branches and hauling away the trunk. That’s why we recommend calling a professional tree service company in your area!

When it comes to removing stumps from your property, you have two main options: You can rent a stump grinder and remove them yourself, or you can look for “stump grinding companies near me” to come out and do it for you. If you’re not a professional, then you can use a small stump grinder to remove a small stump, and it shouldn’t cost too much to rent one for the day. However, if you’re not a professional, if there are large stumps, or if you have several stumps that need to be ground, it’s probably best to contact a “stump grinding service near me” instead.

How Much For Lansing Stump Grinding

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want a stump sticking out of the ground after removing your tree. It can be an eyesore on your landscape, and you may have to mow around it. There are a variety of ways to remove a stump, but grinding it is the preferred way. Stump grinding services prices vary depending on whether you do it yourself or let the professionals handle it for you. 

You can also look for large jobs, in the case of clearing large expanses of land, most companies charge flat hourly rates. If needed, you can call around to see who has the best price. Discounts, some commercial stump grinding companies offer discounts to people who need more than one stump removed. Inquire about deals like these. Or Extra Fees, some companies will haul away the wood chips for free while others will charge more for the service or if they’re far.

What Happens to Roots After Stump Grinding

Once the tree is cut down, you are left with the stump sitting above the ground as well as the tangle of roots that reach down deep into the soil or spread out in gnarled veins from the base of the stump. Leaving it all in place may seem like the easiest choice. Unfortunately, leaving what remains of the tree in your yard can cause problems. At the very least, it may be an eyesore. It can also be a tripping hazard, especially for children at play. The stump itself presents an obstacle during lawn care.

Removing the stump and roots takes care of all of the issues. The process certainly requires the help of professionals, as heavy machinery is required to get the stump out of the ground. Once that task is complete, the roots still need to be removed. This is an arduous task, particularly if the tree you have removed was a large, mature one. The roots can extend more than 20 feet below the surface. Digging up those roots involves equipment and elbow grease to complete the job.