Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree ServiceTrees provide shade and beauty to your property, as well as create privacy for your home. The trees in your yard also help to keep the area cooler and give off oxygen for a more pleasant environment. Even though you can enjoy your trees year-round, there are certain occasions when you may need to contact “emergency tree service near me”.

When it comes to emergency tree services, many people often assume that they will never need them. There’s also confusion regarding what counts as a tree emergency as well. These services are usually reserved for scenarios where safe tree removal, trimming or pruning is a necessity since it poses a danger to the lives of others.

When To Look For Tree Damage Services

If you have downed trees or damaged limbs on your property, they can pose a significant risk. Tree damage can structurally damage your home, damage power lines, and cause serious injuries or even death. In the following situations, you should contact Nature Tree Service Inc for all of your emergency tree removal needs.

After Storms And Rain

A heavy storm or rainfall can often be accompanied by strong gusts and gales of wind. These are often too strong for trees to withstand. Once the storm clears, your trees might have broken branches, leaning tree trunks or limbs, a tree leaning against another tree or structure and trees touching your home or power lines are all situations that warrant an immediate call to a certified emergency tree removal service company. Structural damage to surrounding property or washed away topsoil can also make it more likely for the tree to fall over.

Diseased Tree. Tree disease that goes unaddressed can cause serious damage to your trees. It can cause weakness, instability, or cause the tree to die. Signs that you may have a sick tree are brittle or peeling bark, uneven foliage, yellowing leaves, dead branches, carpenter ants, fungus, and roots that are brittle or knotty. If you have a tree that shows signs of disease, contact a certified arborist. They can inspect the tree and treat or remove it before it can potentially cause an emergency situation.

Future Emergencies. Emergency tree removal may be called for when a tree or parts of it have blown over or landed on a building or car. In some cases, emergency tree removal is a preventive measure. If you notice that a tree on your property is leaning in a way that it didn’t before, or you see branches that have cracked, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Emergency tree removal can help prevent branches and trees from falling on structures or passersby, a risk you do not want to take.

Fallen Trees. Sometimes, after a storm with strong gusts of winds, you might see that the trees in your property have been uprooted and thrown about. These might end up on your roof, your car, shed, or more. Uprooted trees need to be properly removed and disposed of as quickly as possible. Additionally, trees can fall because they are so old or the soil has loosened.