The Best Time To Water Your Trees In Lansing Michigan

For most people that take care of plants in their yard, the summer heat may be one of their biggest problems and worries. In this hot and dry weather, homeowners may not recognize how much water they should give their trees and shrubs. It is true that proper and regular watering is one of the key elements in raising healthy trees. Although that is the case, in certain times of drought, homeowners may accidentally give their shrubs or trees too much water. 

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Additionally, it is especially important to keep in mind that irrigating newly planted trees and shrubs is essential for their growth. This is because these newly planted trees and shrubs have still yet to establish and extend their roots into their surrounding soil. With all these kept in mind, let’s move on to the important questions, when is the best time to water, especially during the hot and early Michigan summer.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning to water plants in the summer afternoon, it might not be much recommended, this is because about half or even more than half of the water can be lost to evaporation. Because of this, people would often recommend you to water your plants in the mornings or evenings. Since it is not as hot as it is in the afternoon, your tree’s roots have a chance to absorb most of the water compared to summer afternoons.

Mornings are generally considered to be the best times to water your trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. This is because, during this time, the temperatures outside are only beginning to rise. Since temperatures are not yet high enough to evaporate the waters, the trees would still have some reservoir water that they can absorb if needed. 

Aside from the natural sunlight heat, there are also the winds to worry about. When you’re watering trees and shrubs in the mornings, however, winds are generally less strong. Since the winds are lighter, less water will be lost from evaporation.

Watering trees and shrubs in the Evenings is pretty much done when your schedule does not allow you to water plants in the mornings. If that is the case, late afternoons can also be a great time to water your trees and shrubs. It is generally considered that the best time for evening watering is about 2 to 3 hours before dusk. This would prevent fungal leaf infections since the trees would have enough time to dry off.

Although there really is no sort of special schedule of watering that would be great for your trees, there are some good and proper watering techniques that would encourage healthy growth and can keep them hydrated. It is also important to remember that the frequency and amount of water that you should give your tree would entirely depend on many factors, including the size of your tree, soil conditions, and weather conditions. 

Also, remember that trees and shrubs typically have larger and deeper root systems than most perennial plants. Providing your trees and shrubs with a deep watering once a week promotes a stronger and deeper root system.

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