Signs You Need Your Trees Removed in Lansing, Michigan

Signs You Need Your Trees Removed in Lansing, Michigan

Trees offer countless environmental benefits and create the right balance in the ecosystem. They also give a scenic look and add to the aesthetic value of your house as well as the neighborhood. But there are certain times when the removal of a tree becomes necessary or else it turns into an environmental or biological hazard. Such trees should be removed especially before a tropical storm situation flattens the trees and causes irreversible damage. Here are some signs that you might need tree removal Lansing, Mi:


One of the most common ones is decay. It can happen outside, inside, or in different parts of a tree. You would need to keep a keen eye and really observe to be able to determine if some parts have decayed. Inarguably, the roots of a plant or a tree are of the biggest indicators that it should be removed. A tree’s roots could be both decaying or damaged and need an urgent measure in both cases.

The overall health of your tree is also a general and strong indicator that the roots are not healthy and that they will affect the tree’s condition in the long run. It can also cause property damage because of the unstable structure and harm the landscape. If you are looking to sell, a decaying tree can reduce the overall curb appeal.

Structural problems in a tree often lead to many issues, including the spread of disease or infection, falling tree limbs, and more. Although a qualified arborist can help prevent further decay, tree removal is the only option available in severe cases. 

Leaning or overhangs

Another sign that you may need tree removal in Lansing mi is leaning trees or overhanging branches. A tree changing its form and structure should be taken as a warning sign that calls for its removal. It is also important to carefully note if your tree is leaning gradually leaning to one side.

Leaning trees and overgrown branches carry an inherent risk of falling and causing personal injury or property damage. If pruning does not help eliminate the risk of falling limbs, you should consult a professional for tree removal.

Ignoring a branch or a tree limb that is leaning towards the driveway, backyard, or towards the main entrance of your house can cause unexpected and major damage. Sometimes you can tell if your tree will start to lean on one side just by looking at the state of the trunk.

A trunk that is hollow has cavities or is in decay is a clear sign that your tree is losing its health and that one of its branches can fall. Such trunks are specific indicators of dying trees because the cavity is usually produced when a branch has fallen off. Also, cracked trunks can often split the tree into two halves, increasing the risk of failure. This may cause property damage during storms and high winds.


Trees in restricted areas will grow and press against windows, walls, and foundations. Often, cutting them is not enough to solve the problem as the root system will keep expanding. A healthy tree that’s resulting in unwanted growth or is blocking the view to your property requires to be removed.

This is why tree removal in Lansing Michigan with the professional help of Nature Tree Service may be the ideal way to deal with the situation. Odd growth is sometimes overlooked as an indicator of a tree’s state of health. However, the growth of an unknown plant, fungi, or even a mushroom is a signal of an infection.

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